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Mitt and other famous Mormons

by MSNBC | Mormons We Know

Last Friday, the "Mormon issue" made headlines in the GOP presidential campaign when a Texas pastor called ...

Super granny stops jewel thieves

by MSNBC | Opinions & Features


MSNBC: Love really can ease pain, new study shows

by MSNBC | Everything Else

Falling in love can act as a potent painkiller, and now scientists have figured out why: It stimulates the ...

MSNBC hosts Mormon panelists, discusses 'fears' and misconceptions

by MSNBC | What They're Saying About "Us"

Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy ...

MSNBC: Mitt Romney gets personal, talks 'Book of Mormon' musical

by MSNBC | Mormons We Know

 Skip ahead to minute 4:00 to hear him talk about "The Book of Mormon" musical. ...


Today Show features Osmond's battle with MS

by MSNBC | Mormons We Know

Singer David Osmond, the nephew of Donny and Marie, remains the ultimate opitimist despite his suffering fr...


MSNBC praises LDS Church's networking skills, humanitarian efforts

by MSNBC | What They're Saying About "Us"

The only thing that rivals the Mormon church’s ability to spread the word is its ability to cope with emerg...


MSNBC recounts Mormon missionary’s survival of Japan quake

by MSNBC | What They're Saying About "Us"

It was faith that landed Patrick Hiltbrand in the path of a tsunami last week, but arguably it was also his...


MSNBC: Bus tours journey into polygamist heartland

by MSNBC | Everything Else

A peek inside a polygamist community and their isolated way of life is now just a bus ride away for sightse...


MSNBC: Mitt Romney's French missionary education

by MSNBC | Mormons We Know

To understand why Mitt Romney persists in the face of rejection, opposition and indifference from his own p...