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Ancient markings excavated in Jerusalem stump experts

by Temple Study | Everything Else

Matti Friedman of the Associated Press published news about a recent excavation in the City of David in Jer...


Bird’s Eye View of Temple Square (and others)

by Temple Study | Best of LDS Blogs

Google has recently has added photographs from planes to its “satellite” imagery in Google Maps. What this ...


Fact or Myth?: Baptism for the dead was practiced deep inside the walls of St. Paul’s Basilica?

by Temple Study | Everything Else

There is an email being forwarded around that claims that there is a baptismal font deep inside the Basilic...

New WordPress LDS Scripture Linker Plugin for Bloggers

by Temple Study | Best of LDS Blogs

For some time I’ve been using the excellent LDS Linker WordPress plugin, developed by Joey Day, to automati...

Ancient Israelite Temples Timeline (1300 BC—AD 100)

by Temple Study | Best of LDS Blogs

I am a visual learner in many ways, so sometimes I like to put things together visually so I can get a bett...


Relationships between the ancient Israelite temple and the modern endowment

by Temple Study | Best of LDS Blogs

Professor William J. Hamblin has offered some good starting points in considering the relationship between ...


Excellent panoramas of Temple Square

by Temple Study | News from Utah

I’ve featured 360° panoramas of Temple Square before, those created by Dr. William Hamblin, but a few more ...


LDS author, scholar Matthew B. Brown passes away

by Temple Study | Everything Else

It is with sadness that I learned shortly ago that Matthew B. Brown has passed away. He was dealing with co...

A Catholic explains the Mormon garment

by Temple Study | What They're Saying About "Us"

There is an excellent commentary by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, who is Catholic, on the LDS (Mormon) garmen...


Homeward Bound: Three Beautiful Interpretations of Marta Keen Thompson’s Music

by Temple Study | Opinions & Features

This past Sunday afternoon I came across a piece of music that moved me to tears.  I don’t get emotion...