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Evangelical Writer Shares Positive Experience with Mormons

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I'm a white, middle class, married with two kids, Christian, college-educated, home-owning woman, and I am ...


Southern Baptist Church Defends Glenn Beck as Their Sunday Service Speaker

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Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church is drawing criticism for inviting Mormon speaker and author Glenn Beck...


Free Bibles for Olympic athletes

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The Bible Society is readying thousands of copies of the Bible for distribution among athletes at the Olymp...


'The World’s Most Astonished Atheist': C.S. Lewis' Wife's Incredible Conversion to Christianity

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MR says: From the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to struggles with her home life, Joy Davidman's journey...


Why early childhood parenting is a gospel priority

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How could you already be so messed up? The question ran through my mind as I looked at Dylan, a lanky, disr...


Evangelicals and Mormons: Most improbable dialogue

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Robert Millet would do things differently if he were carefully strategizing how fellow Mormons could best p...