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BYU-Utah rivalry fact sheet

by Bleacher Report | Saints & Sports

Oh, yes. Let it begin. It's that time of year when the weather turns cold, when myopic BYU fans play the "w...


BYU is not wanted in the Pac-10 due to discrimination

by Bleacher Report | What They're Saying About "Us"

There has been a lot of talk lately about major conference expansion. The Big Ten is going to grab this one...


Why the Cougars should agree to join the Big 12 NOW!

by Bleacher Report | Saints & Sports

Instability aside, the dysfunctional family that is known as the Big 12 Conference is clearly the best fit ...


Will BYU Abandon Utah State To Try To Achieve Greater Religious Acceptance?

by Bleacher Report | Saints & Sports

BYU to the WCC I have been scratching my head over this one. Reports are out that BYU is seriously consider...


Manti Te'o: Why the Butkus Award Winner Will Still Be a Great Professional

by Bleacher Report

Manti Te’o is a great football player. He will be an even better professional linebacker. Monday night Te’o...

What Motivated BYU to Go Independent? The BCS or the LDS Church?

by Bleacher Report | What They're Saying About "Us" Saints & Sports

Why should Brigham Young University go independent in football? BYU football with Bronco Mendenhall at the ...


NBA Draft 2011: 10 Bold Predictions for Jimmer Fredette's Career as a Pro

by Bleacher Report | Mormons We Know Saints & Sports

Jimmer Fredette is garnering more attention than any other prospect in the upcoming 2011 NBA Draft.  B...

Magic happens again for Indianapolis Colts' Austin Collie

by Bleacher Report | Saints & Sports

The most vivid memory most Brigham Young University football fans have of Indianapolis Colts wide receiver ...


Policing the student section: Where to draw the line?

by Bleacher Report | Saints & Sports

Basketball is unique among sports with regards to the distance (or lack thereof) between fans and players. ...

BYU star Fredette not going to the NBA, returning for senior season

by Bleacher Report | Saints & Sports

Let the happy dance begin, Jimmer Fredette is passing on the NBA Draft this year to remain at BYU. I’m not ...