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Summer Punch Cards

by Plenty of Picnics | Best of LDS Blogs

SUMMER PUNCH CARDS: Great for Encouraging Summer Brain Time! Use these cards to track READING, MATH, PIANO,...


7 Weeks of FHE: General Conference FHE Kits

by Plenty of Picnics | Lesson Helps

The basic idea is to give each person in the family a "Kit" which has their own conference ensign, the assi...


Easy Steps to Build Your Family Tree

by Plenty of Picnics | Mormon Life

Look at the main options on the WEBSITE- This Post will give the Basics of the "FAMILY TREE" 1. Click on......


Isaiah for Airheads by John Bytheway

by Plenty of Picnics | Arts & Entertainment

Ouch - I know, the title is a killer. I mean it kills any interest I would have, but... I've been wanting t...


Free Printout to Help Memorize D&C Section 4

by Plenty of Picnics | News from Utah Lesson Helps

Follow the link for the entire print out. ...