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Preserving freedom of religion, speech, and assembly begins at home

by LDS Liberty | Best of LDS Blogs

“The home is truly the cell-unit of society; and parenthood is next to Godhood. The relationship of the chi...


Our right to intellectual property through contract

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The United States Constitution states that Congress shall have the power to “promote the progress of scienc...


Prophets, Principles, and the Constitution

by LDS Liberty | Everything Else

I love news! There, it is out in the open. I have several news sites I visit at least once and sometimes mu...

Podcast: Doug Walters interview – The Hymns Speak of Freedom

by LDS Liberty | Arts & Entertainment

JC interviews Doug Walters about his article “The Hymns Speak of Freedom” posted on 22 July 2010. You can r...

Voting and personal revelation: Keep it to yourself

by LDS Liberty | Opinions & Features

This article is written for two audiences. The first audience is anyone, Mormon or not, who may stumble acr...

Voting: The People’s Standard vs. The Lord’s

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Qualifiers vs. Disqualifiers—There are many reasons people attempt to qualify or disqualify a candidate.&nb...


Parenting Based Upon the Principles of Liberty

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Proponents of liberty will tell anyone who will listen that liberty feels good. A liberty mindset prescribe...

The Justified Breaking of Unjust Laws

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Last week, the LDS Church released an updated statement on immigration. A portion of the article seems to s...

Latter-day Saint Extremism

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While there are so-called “extremists” in many areas of our political spectrum this article will deal more ...


Mormon Criminals

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Last fall, I pruned the two apple trees in my back yard. One damp day this winter, I drove down to the near...