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Newsweek: Mormon Church scrambles in Romney spotlight

by The Daily Beast | What They're Saying About "Us"

If you thought Team Obama was having a rough time figuring out how best to handle Mitt Romney’s presidentia...


The Mormon DJ, Dad Who Is Taking Over the Music World

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MR says: Who would have guessed one of the world's highest paid DJ's, a man who has been taking the pa...


LDS Rock Star Brandon Flowers Shares How Mormonism Made His Music Better

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Flowers had just turned 22 when The Killers blew up in 2003 with their single “Mr. Brightside.” When they f...


Perry Camp's Anti-Mormon Message

by The Daily Beast | Everything Else

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has publicly distanced himself from the anti-Mormon rhetoric of a prominent Baptist m...


Two Arizona friends, wardmembers battle for Senate

by The Daily Beast | Opinions & Features

Arizona’s Republican Senate primary is heating up—and it’s bound to make for some awkward church barbecues....


Italy's Religious Leaders React to Rome Temple

by The Daily Beast | News from Utah

On the outskirts of Rome along the ancient Catholic pilgrim route known as the Via Francigena and not far f...


Opinion: Mitt's Persistent Mormon Problem

by The Daily Beast | Opinions & Features

Mitt Romney can’t quite shake the Mormon question. My Daily Beast colleague McKay Coppins obtained some ema...


Candidates' Mormonism allows them to take pro-science stand

by The Daily Beast | Mormons We Know

“To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy." For Jon Huntsm...


The 'Bachelorette' Mormon mystery

by The Daily Beast | Arts & Entertainment

As Emily Maynard said “yes!” to her new soulmate and husband on The Bachelorette, even the most cynical vie...