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A public conversation about Mormonism

by Patheos | Opinions & Features

A good person and a good friend, Simon Critchley, wrote a piece for last Sunday's New York Times, "Why I Lo...


New Zealand the 'real deal' for Mormon missionaries: An insider's guide

by Patheos | Opinions & Features

I’ve been travelling over the last three weeks and last night I found myself in Provo with a group of frien...


Are Mormon and Evangelical views of God really that different?

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Because of a certain person who shall go nameless — let’s call him M. Romney or Mitt R. — the question of M...


Will 'The Mormon Bachelor' create more marriages than ABC’s?

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Does religion play a role in the type of person you date? If you’re an evangelical Christian, would you dat...

A Mormon blogger against blogging

by Patheos | Opinions & Features

At last month's Women and the LDS Church conference, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's stimulating plenary address w...


LDS leader writes about why Mormons make good neighbors

by Patheos | Opinions & Features

In the midst of World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt came across a newspaper clipping about the ancestry of ...


'Bachlorette' contestant turns down overnight date by using Book of Mormon scripture

by Patheos | Arts & Entertainment

“One F Jef” Holm on "The Bachelorette" may claim not to be “half Mormon” or even “full Mormon,” but he cert...


Was anti-Mormon sentiment on 'Survivor' responsible for Dawn's demise?

by Patheos | Arts & Entertainment Opinions & Features

If you’re like me, you love the first episode of every Survivor season, when people from completely differe...


Environmental Stewardship and Mormon Belief

by Patheos | Best of LDS Blogs

So what are the fundamental principles of stewardship, according to LDS belief? This list of five principle...


Major work on Hebrew language to include Book of Mormon analysis

by Patheos | What They're Saying About "Us"

A new two-volume Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics has just appeared from the venerable Europ...