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Former Utah Jazz star Karl Malone thinks Utah should always celebrate his birthday

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Pioneer Day is an official holiday in the state of Utah. It commemorates the entrance of Brigham Young and ...

Heber J. Grant and 'Brigham Young,' the movie

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70 years ago today in Mormon History --- Heber J. Grant writes Twentieth Century Fox "I hope we shall not a...

Why the Book of Mormon is 'the most correct book'

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Many sectarian Christians are offended by the statement of the Prophet Joseph Smith that the Book of Mormon...


Legislator calls on LDS Church to help expand charity care in Utah

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During House debate on HB391 which prohibits the governor or the Utah Department of Health from expanding M...

Mormon leader praises Islamic contributions to western civilization

by The Examiner | What They're Saying About "Us"

Barry Smith, president of the Texas Dallas Mormon Mission, lauded the contributions of Muslims to Western c...


Federal appeals court: Saying “Jesus” during public prayer is unconstitutional

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As in most counties in America, the Board of Commissioners of Forsyth County, North Carolina, begins its pu...