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I went to church with Mitt Romney this morning

by BuzzFeed | Mormons We Know

A little after 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, Mitt Romney got out of a black SUV with his wife, greeted a co...


25 General Conference Moments All Mormons Will Understand

by BuzzFeed | Humor Fun Mormon Life

GIFs to nourish and strengthen your general conference weekend… Be sure to watch it at 1. ...


Why Mitt Romney decided to start talking about Mormonism again

by BuzzFeed | Mormons We Know

Ann Romney Tuesday night became the first member of the Romney campaign this year to use the word "Mormon" ...


LDS Church-owned KSL website suspends gun sales

by BuzzFeed | News from Utah

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn. shooting, a Mormon Church-owned company announced Tuesday night it was su...


A Mormon reporter on the Romney bus

by BuzzFeed | Mormons We Know

On the night of the South Carolina Republican primary in January, I sat near the front of a dark campaign p...


Buzzfeed Shares 22 Mormon Twists on Words

by BuzzFeed | Fun

Buzzfeed recently put out quite a humorous article listing 22 words that mean something quite different to ...


"BuzzFeed" Features Mormons' Responses to the Church's Statement Condemning White Supremacism

by Jim Dalrymple II @ BuzzFeed | Makes You Think Mormon Life

After the Church released a statement Tuesday that declared "members who promote or pursue a 'white culture...


Glenn Beck answers your questions about Mormonism

by BuzzFeed | Mormons We Know

Conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck [devoted] his entire show Thursday on his online TV network to answerin...


BuzzFeed Features LDS Two-Time Best DJ in America, How His Faith & Music Inspire Others

by BuzzFeed | Famous Mormons Fun

MR says: How does a DJ who pulls in up to half a million a night balance his music career with his lif...


Anti-Muslim film figure also runs leading anti-Mormon site

by BuzzFeed | What They're Saying About "Us"

Steve Klein, one of the men behind the anti-Muslim video tied to violent riots across the Middle East and N...