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Mormon up for White House Appointment as Religious Freedom Ambassador

by Religion News Service | Everything Else

It’s been three months since the Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook resigned as the State Department’s religious freed...


3 Ways to Practice Civility After a Very Uncivil Election

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Have we made civil discourse an oxymoron? The once noble goal of decency in politics seems to have gotten l...


Ten Commandments Find a New Home After Getting Banned from Oklahoma Capitol

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MR says: After an Oklahoma state judge banned a 6-foot-tall monument of the Ten Commandments from the ...


Which Mormons Doubt the Most? 6 Unexpected Pew Findings (+One That's No Surprise)

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Benjamin Knoll, a political scientist at Centre College, shared some interesting insights at the Sunstone s...


The Stylish Bible You Can Wear That's No Bigger Than Your Fingernail

by Religion News Service | Fun Mormon Life

Each word is about 170 times thinner that a strand of your own hair, so it might not be easy to read, but y...


Mormons and Baptists compete for converts

by Religion News Service | What They're Saying About "Us"

Jake Pulsipher's first day as a working missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bega...


Photo Slideshow: A Day in the Life of a Mormon Missionary

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While carrying out their mission, Mormon missionaries spend time studying, teaching and spreading their mes...


5 Inspiring “I'm a Mormon” Videos

by Religion News Service | Opinions & Features

The LDS Church instituted its “I’m a Mormon” ad campaign in 2011 as a way for curious outsiders to peek in ...


New Survey Examines Are Mormon Women Really More Depressed?

by Religion News Service | Makes You Think Mormon Life

A new survey focusing on Mormon women and depression found that women who are very active within the LDS Ch...


5 Reasons Why Mormons Are Happier, Says Researcher

by Religion News Service

Three years ago, the Gallup organization released the results of a massive study on the link between religi...