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Could BYU become America's team?

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BYU finds itself in an unusual position this week. The Cougars are not only in the Sweet 16 for the first t...


Sports Illustrated: Changes in Mormon church could have impact on BYU, recruiting

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Damarcus Harrison found himself in the middle of a nightmare in August. Harrison is a member of the Church ...


Sports Illustrated Explores how a Mission Changed Jeremy Guthrie's Major League Baseball Prospects

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He left everything behind. His family, his friends, his girlfriend, his glove. He packed his bags for Europ...


Sports Illustrated: BYU pulled off a miracle 25 years ago; will it ever happen again?

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Twenty-five years ago this fall, BYU hijacked college football. The sport has been fighting back ever since...


Sports Illustrated: Latest haul brings BYU that much closer to elite recruiting status

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If Jake Heaps had acted alone, he wouldn't have announced his intent to sign with Brigham Young in a Salt L...


Teen basketball star balances LDS faith, fierceness on the court

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Before Jabari Parker takes the floor to play a basketball game, he sits by himself in the locker room for a...


Honor & Redemption: BYU's Spencer Hadley Opens Up on Suspension

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One by one, BYU football players -- dressed in blue and white team gear -- filed onto a bus outside the Hol...


Mormon Faith More Important to Jabari Parker Than NBA Stardom

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Jake Flannigan filmed every in-state basketball game played by Chicago's Simeon Career Academy during the 2...