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Why Dysfunctional Families Belong in the Church

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I once showed a picture of my brother’s family to a friend at work: happy couple, three beautiful children,...


The Story 'The Book of Mormon' Musical Won’t Tell You

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The Book of Mormon , the Tony-award winning musical, is currently playing in my hometown in Orange County. ...


Why Latter-day Saints Sometimes Seem 'Preachy'

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The other day I went to lunch with a woman who is writing a TV show that involves a Mormon character. She r...


What Happens to People Who Never Heard about Christ?

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I try not to be a creeper. Really, I do. And thankfully, with the advent of social media, I can creep safel...


Guide to the LDS Singles Scenes Outside Utah

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Whether you live(d) there, went to school there or have only visited — you’re undoubtedly familiar with the...


How Mormonism Helped Me Find the Path to True Happiness

by Normons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My name is Jenna, and I’m a recent convert to the LDS Church. I was baptized on July 12th, 2014, in Austin ...


Mormon Water Polo Gold Medalist Talks on Faith

by Normons | News from Utah

Tumua Anae was born in Hawaii and grew up in Newport Beach. She started her career playing high school wate...


Explaining Conference to Non-members: TED Talks with a Twist

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Did a friend invite you to watch Mormon General Conference this weekend? Did you feel a little confused or ...


Jimmer and Whitney Fredette: Life as Mormons

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In 2011, Jimmer Fredette found himself in the spotlight (no pun intended) during his senior year as he led ...


You’re Doing Better Than You Think You Are

by Normons | Mormon Life

I’m pretty miserable at piano. I know only one song (which I memorized in 8th grade so our piano wouldn’t g...