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My interview with a general authority, Elder Larry Echo Hawk

by Mormonopia | Mormons We Know

Over the two days of Stake Conference, I had the opportunity to speak to Elder Larry Echo Hawk several time...

Leadership Training Conference with Elder Ballard

by Mormonopia | Best of LDS Blogs

This past Saturday I attended a Priesthood Leadership Conference held at the Brampton Ontario Stake Centre ...

NPR’s On Point – Mormon Moment

by Mormonopia | Best of LDS Blogs

I think I’ve mentioned before that I go for a walk every day at lunch along the Niagara Parkway in Niagara ...


Ward boundary changes: On the wrong (or right) side of the tracks

by Mormonopia | Best of LDS Blogs

For the first time in my time in the Church I will be experiencing the unique Mormon ritual of changing war...

What do you do with a bishop, when he stops being a bishop?

by Mormonopia | Best of LDS Blogs

I’m sure almost everyone has seen White Christmas with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera ...


“The Church You Want”

by Mormonopia | Best of LDS Blogs

This past Friday I was away at Girls Camp held at the Thomas S Monson Recreation Camp and then spent the we...

The greatest force for good in the world

by Mormonopia | Best of LDS Blogs

As mentioned in my General Conference summaries, our Stake President, David P Homer, was called to be an Ar...


Youth Lesson on a Chosen Topic – Word of Wisdom

by Mormonopia | Lesson Helps

Yesterday was a 5th Sunday. In most wards this means that all of the MP/RS are together. Lately our youth h...

Utah most charitable state in America

by Mormonopia | News from Utah

There was recently a report about the most charitable states in America. Not too surprisingly Utah was numb...


Blast from the past - Mitt Romney in 1958

by Mormonopia | Mormons We Know

Wow, time flies! 4 years ago when Mitt Romney was making his first run at being President of the United Sta...