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Trump Answers Whether Romney Is Still in Running for Secretary of State on "TODAY"

by TODAY | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

After recently being selected as TIME's  Person of the Year for 2016, President-elect Trump shared tha...


"Today" Features LDS Parents' Funny "Infertility Announcements"

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NBC's TODAY Features LDS Bloggers Setting Modest Fashion Trends

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Maybe you’ve already noticed the change: Young women in one-piece swimsuits at the beach, loose tunics repl...


Elizabeth Smart: Becoming a Mom Has Been the Best Thing Ever

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MR says: We are so happy for Elizabeth Smart, who is now living out her greatest aspiration to be a mo...


TODAY: LDS Mom Shares Secrets Behind Having 3 Kids with Perfect ACT/SAT Scores

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One LDS mom has three children with perfect ACT or SAT scores. How does she do it? Her tips have more to do...


Town Celebrates Holidays Early for LDS Boy with Terminal Cancer

by TODAY | News from Utah

In a close-knit Utah town where time has become a precious commodity for one family, the Christmas lights a...


Elizabeth Smart's New Daughter Kept From the Spotlight for 3 Months

by TODAY | News from Utah


Today Show Highlights 'Dream Home' of Famous LDS Blogger, Stephanie Nielson

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For Stephanie Nielson, sitting on her Utah porch surrounded by her family isn't just a nice way to spend an...