the dating dilemma, though not the one you'd expect

If you get the New Era, you noticed that the April issue was entirely devoted to teaching youth how, when and why to date, with an eye-catching cover showing a blond young man, concealing a rose behind his back, knocking on a big red door.

The issue featured dating advice and dating memories from General Authorities and from the General YM/YW leadership, Q&A treating teen anxieties about dating, tips for becoming more datable, lots of date ideas at various cost levels, a piece about why teen dating should be about friendship rather than snagging a steady boyfriend/girlfriend, and an entertaining article on what girls want to know about boys ("What the Deal With Boys?") and vice-versa.

It seemed a well-planned issue, rather lighthearted and mercifully devoid of the scary sentimental horror stories that lurk in the YW manuals about dating gone horribly awry. One family of our acquaintance designed a Family Home Evening activity around it for their daughter that involved a scavenger hunt/quiz about the issue, to get her to read the whole thing. Other youth in my kids' circle of friends needed no such urging and thumbed it thoroughly or read it cover to cover several times.

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