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Trivia Quiz: Angels in the Standard Works

by Kelsey Berteaux | Activities

1. How many angels did Daniel say he saw at the judgment seat?       a.    Just tw...


Winner: The Best Animated Disney Movie

by Kelsey Berteaux and Jannalee Rosner | Activities Arts & Entertainment

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Time to announce the Best Animated Disney Movie of All Time! A...


7 Great LDS Family Games

by LDS Living Staff | Activities

Ancient War (Card Game) $6.99 Enjoy hours of family fun! Familiar card games you know and love with a Latte...


Trivia Quiz: Heroines of the Old Testament

by Kelsey Berteaux | Activities

1. Who ensured Moses’s safety after he’d been put in the river? a. Moses’s sister, Miriam b. The daughter o...


Pioneer Trivia Quiz

by Rhett Wilkinson | Activities

1. What on the trail east of the Rocky Mountains were so numerous that the pioneers had to send advance par...


Four Reasons You Should Be Eating Dinner as a Family

by Amanda Taylor | Activities Lifestyle

Studies have proven that it can impact almost every area of children's lives. Check out the results family ...


Weekend Family Activity: Hot Chocolate Stand

by Jenny Spencer | Activities

 If there’s one thing we love in the wintertime more than people shoveling our sidewalks, it’s people ...


What to Scrap and What to Scrapbook: 5 Ways to Organize the Clutter and Keep the Memories

by Elizabeth Hollingshaus | Activities Around the House

Growing up in a family of seven, I led the pack in bringing home A’s on tests and art masterpieces from sch...


Outdoor Cooking with Food Storage

by Emergency Essentials | Activities Preparedness

If you're planning a weekend getaway or a large family reunion, how about pulling out some of your food sto...


Ideas for a Fun and Christ-centered Easter

by LDS Living Staff | Activities

Easter is a fun holiday, filled with celebration of spring renewal, color, and sweet things. But, more impo...