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Dying woman's plea leads to adoption, bittersweet Mother's Day

by Deseret News | Everything Else

On Sunday, May 2, 2004, Gael and Steve Shaffer of Woodstock, Va., walked into New Hope Church ready to wors...


The blessing of adoption - 'Because I have been given much'

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A husband reached over and placed his arm around his wife, whose notebook balanced on her lap as her pen mo...


Dave Says: He Needs Love Right Now

by Dave Ramsey | Finances

Dear Dave, My husband and I are adopting my nephew. His mom is involved with drugs and alcohol, and his fat...

LDS adoption official cited for service

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Having worked in LDS Family Services for 30 years, the adoption process has become a big part of Fred Riley...


10 months after rescue of daughter from Haiti, family is sealed

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Opinions & Features

Last Friday dawned with the promise that Jeremy and Hollie Wardle would finally reach the culmination of th...


Journey for a Lifetime

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Parenting Global View Hot Topics

Jeremy and Hollie Wardle had already started their family journey with two beautiful boys when it took an u...

Don't Fall in Love with the Children

by Cathy Geigle | Parenting Hot Topics

A warm rush ran through James’ body as the taxi pulled up to the front doors of the Philippines orphanage w...