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Tad R. Callister on the key to avoiding Pharisaic parenting

by Jannalee Sandau | Makes You Think

If you have read or had a lesson on the New Testament, chances are you encountered something related to the...


Youth Theme Insight: The Life-Changing Power of the Word "If"

by Dennis Gaunt | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I love words. Like, seriously love them. You know the person who starts off their sacrament meeting talk by...


Why "Free Agency" Doesn't Exist and Why It's Important for Parents to Realize That as They Teach Their Children

by Stephen D. Nadauld, excerpted from "Why God Lets Us Choose: How Agency Explains the Way Life Works" | Makes You Think

The great misconception of "free" agency is that one can have the privilege of choice and somehow avoid the...


What Nephite History Teaches Us About Pornography + 2 Ways to Combat It in Your Own Life

by Dr. David T. Morgan, Contributor | Makes You Think

The end of the Book of Mormon contains one of the most gruesome scenes in all of recorded scripture. If you...


Why Trying So Hard to "Get It Right" Isn't Christ's Plan for Us

by Jessica Grimaud | Makes You Think

“I just want to get it right.” I buried my head in my hands, suddenly realizing the source of all my anguis...


Ask a Latter-day Saint Therapist: How Can I Keep My Kids from Defying Me?

by Jonathan Decker, LMFT, Contributor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

For daily gospel-based relationship insights, join Jonathan’s Facebook group . To submit a question for Jon...


When Is Submission Good and When Is It Dangerous?

by Sherrae Phelps | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Submission has a bad reputation. As Elder Jeffery R. Holland has said, “You can be certain that with some i...


3 Reasons It Can Be Dangerous to Believe God's Love Is the Only Thing That Matters

by Jon Cooper | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I saw a post a while ago that has stuck with me for months. This post referenced a choice someone had made—...


Were We Foreordained in Our Premortal Life? A Look into How God's Time and Calls Work

by Brent L. Top, adapted from "The Life Before" | Makes You Think

Everyone who believes in God at all believes that He knows what you and I are going to do tomorrow. But if ...


Sister Jones Challenges Latter-day Saints to Do 3 Things to Bring Empowerment, Joy into Their Lives

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

“I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is our Heavenly Father’s practical guide for happy living,” Sist...