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Funny '80s Church Commercial Is Priceless & Super Catchy

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LDS Band Creates Original Song for Captain America 3

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TREN, a group of LDS musicians from BYU, has created a song that they hope will appear in the upcoming Capt...


'Once I Was a Beehive' Releases Today, Achieves Rare Level of Sincerity

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Get a First Look at 'The Miracle Maker'

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From Covenant Communications comes a new movie, Miracle Maker , starring Jasen Wade from 17 Miracles a...


Emmy & Oscar Nominees to Star in Movie About LDS Man, 'Just Let Go'

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MR says: We can't wait for this inspiring movie about Latter-day Saint Chris Williams who learned the ...


LDS Rapper Spreads Gospel with Viral Rap Videos

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5 Memorable Latter-day Saints on TV Game Shows

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Why the Message Behind 'The Book of Mormon' Musical Is So Troubling

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Alex Boye Cut from 'America's Got Talent' (Video)

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MR says: Following a stellar audition in June that got all of the judges talking, Alex Boye and his ba...


LDS Singer/Songwriter Calee Reed Sharing Hope After Mother Dies of Cancer

by Calee Reed | Mormon Life

I remember the moment that I first heard contemporary Christian worship music: a friend of mine was sharing...