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Gospel Principles 20: Baptism

by LDS Living Staff | Relief Society/Priesthood

My dear brothers, sisters, and friends, the responsibility of speaking to all of you is a matter of great c...

Young Men Lesson 48: The Power to Baptize

by David A. Bednar | Young Men

Today, I speak by way of reminder and admonition to those of us who are members of The Church of Jesus Chri...

May 2009 Sharing Time: To Be Baptized

by Shauna Gibby | Lesson Helps

This sharing time will help children learn more about baptism. Preparation: Obtain a flannel board and cuto...

Book of Mormon Lesson 22: Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenances?

by Ted L. Gibbons | Sunday School

Introduction Alma's reform movement involved at least these four cities: Zarahemla, Gideon, Melek, and Ammo...

Thoughts on Gospel Doctrine Lesson 36

by LDS Living Staff | Sunday School

Bruce R. McConkie on The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans: Paul's epistle to the Romans is a parad...

Thoughts on Gospel Doctrine Lesson 32

by LDS Living Staff | Sunday School

David O. McKay on Paul's Third Missionary Journey:   While Paul and Timothy are visiting the churches ...