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Is Cleanliness Really Next to Godliness?

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

This week, as we remove the brittle Christmas tree and unwrap the garland from the staircase banister, most...


The 6 Blessings Challenge

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

A few nights ago, with the house fast asleep and the only sound my snoring goldendoodle, I stared at the ce...

Christmas: The Blessed Interruption

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Best of LDS Blogs

Christmas comes charging down the tracks like a festive freight train in the month of December. There is so...

New Year’s Resolution Game & Time Capsule With Kids

by Family Home Evening | Best of LDS Blogs

Resolve for Some Fun To make resolutions or not make resolutions. That is the question. It’s the annual tas...

Talking to kids about smart cell phone and technology use

by Mormon Women | Best of LDS Blogs

Do you have children with cell phones? If you do, or if you are planning on giving them a cell phone soon, ...


Our Divine Potential: 'Behold, I Make All Things New'

by Deseret News | Best of LDS Blogs

Years ago, a colleague took a foreign ambassador to visit President Gordon B. Hinckley. During their meetin...

5 Best Mormon Videos of 2013

by LDS Living Staff | Lifestyle Best of LDS Blogs

We all love to watch videos, whether on YouTube or a friend’s Facebook wall, whether humorous, or heart-war...


Puffy-Eyed Perfection and the Nativity

by Segullah | Best of LDS Blogs

Somewhere tangled in the tinsel and light of several Christmas Pasts, I saw a small picture of Brian Kershi...


Christmas Parable: The Chocolate Orange of Doom

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Best of LDS Blogs

Have you ever had one of those dark chocolate oranges? They tend to make their appearance at Christmastime ...


O Holy Night: Memories of a Sacred Song

by Mormon Mommy Blogs | Best of LDS Blogs

“O Holy Night, the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of the dear Savior’s birth ... ” If I had to...