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Old Testament Lesson 2: "Thou Wast Chosen Before Thou Wast Born"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Lesson Helps

Introduction We came here with divine potential, and in many cases—perhaps all cases—divine power. Elder Ma...


The Joseph Smith Papyri and Book of Abraham: 7 Things Every Mormon Should Know

by John Gee, excerpted from "An Introduction to the Book of Abraham" | Makes You Think

When the Book of Abraham was first published to the world in 1842, it was published as “a translation of so...


Podcast: What Happened to the Mummies and Papyri Joseph Smith Purchased That Led to the Book of Abraham?

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In this fascinating podcast from LDS Perspectives , Dr. John Gee sheds interesting light on some of the big...