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{A&E} Sister Elaine Dalton: Just As Amazing in Person

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

Sister Elaine Dalton, general Young Women president, recently published a book entitled A Return to Virtue ...


Daughters in My Kingdom: Quotes from new book

by LDS Church News | Arts & Entertainment

Following are quotes from Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society: "As women partic...

Daughters in My Kingdom (Relief Society Book) Available for Download

by Mormon Women | Arts & Entertainment

A PDF version of the new Relief Society book, Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Socie...

Books of Interest to the LDS Nerd

by Times and Seasons | Arts & Entertainment

A few of these are forthcoming, a few have appeared recently. I am compelled to read them all, as soon as I...

{A&E} Watch this: Janitors book trailer

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment


LDS custodian wins Unpublished Novel Award

by Katherine Morris | Opinions & Features

Most people take it easy during their lunch breaks—snack, check e-mail, browse status updates on Facebook. ...

Parenting the Internet Generation

by LDS Media Talk | Best of LDS Blogs

As a parent, you face unprecedented hurdles today and a big one is the Internet. Did you know that 93% of b...


Learning by Heart: This LDS musician keeps defying medical odds—and inspiring us all to “live for Eden.”

by Sarah M. McConkie | People

“When I was born, the doctors said I had half a heart,” says Paul Cardall. “And essentially, that was right...


Gentlemen, Please Remove Your Hats

by John L. Lund - <a href="" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS TOURS</a> | Adventures in Travel

Would you like to see the first book in the world ever printed on the Gutenberg Press? It was a Bible! Prio...


Just Asking: Josi Kilpack

by LDS Living Staff | People

1.  LDS Living: Which comes first in a story--the recipe or the crime? JK: I guess the recipe comes fi...