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{A&E} 5 Insights Gained from New Joseph Smith Papers Volume

by Patrick Dunshee | Arts & Entertainment

The Joseph Smith Papers: Journals, Vol. 2 (1841-1843) is the second in the best-selling Journals series of ...


{A&E} Kid-friendly Nativity Script

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Arts & Entertainment

What better way to bring in the true spirit of Christmas than reminding the family the reason for our celeb...


{A&E} Poll: Favorite Christmas Hymn

by LDS Living | Arts & Entertainment Polls

A few months ago LDS Living held a contest called The "Favoritest" Hymn of All where readers voted for thei...


{A&E} Deseret Book Editor Review: 'Increase in Learning' by Elder David A. Bednar

by Emily Watts | Arts & Entertainment

I’ve been in the LDS publishing industry a long time, so a lot of books have washed over me through the yea...


Jenny Oaks Baker: Grammy-nominated musician and real-life Cinderella

by SarahJo Ciotti | Mormons We Know Arts & Entertainment

Just like any fairytale princess, Jenny Oaks Baker has worked to achieve her dreams. Although instead of sp...


{A&E} Real-life Angels

by Ashley Jones | Arts & Entertainment

I'm guessing most of you remember Elder Holland's talk on "angels" from October 2008. It was one of my favo...


{A&E} Ultimate Guide: Christmas Reading

by SarahJo Ciotti | Arts & Entertainment

As the holidays come each year, excitement builds, decorations go up, and Christmas songs play on the radio...


{A&E} Is <i>Twilight</i> Appropriate? + Poll

by Ashley Evanson | Arts & Entertainment Polls

Tomorrow (or tonight at midnight for the Twihards) is an exciting day for Twilight fans. The latest movie i...


Interview with David Archuleta: Staying in Tune

by Jamie Lawson | People

David Archuleta was born with music in his blood. He grew up watching his father, Jeff, play the trumpet wi...


{A&E} Ultimate Guide: Finding Clean Books

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | Arts & Entertainment

I’ll tell you a secret. I almost failed 8th grade because I read too many books. True story. That’s how muc...