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Discontinuation of Stake & Ward Websites on

by LDS Media Talk | Everything Else

The old Stake and Ward Websites ( and on will be discontinued at...

8242 expands into 19 more languages

by Deseret News | Everything Else

“Have you noticed anything new at” asks Fernando Camillo, manager of product awareness in the L...


Updates to Calendar

by LDS Media Talk | Everything Else

The Calendar function on was just updated with several new features, including the following: Agend...


Adding photos to directory

by LDS Media Talk | Everything Else

Adding a photo to your directory profile can help other ward and stake members recognize you and co...


Stake and ward websites replaced by a suite of tools

by LDS Media Talk | Everything Else

The website (the version of prior to November 2010) provided a website for each war...


Addiction Recovery Program Site Added to

by | Everything Else

Throughout the world, members of the Church and others have found hope and healing through the Addiction Re...

Updating the RS/PH Manual Mid-Year?

by By Common Consent | Lesson Helps

Last night I noticed a change on I’m not sure when it happened, but a new page has been added call...