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"It Is So Impressive": Jewish Leaders Tour Welfare Square and LDS Temple

by Newsroom | From the Church Mormon Life

“Just to see the way everything works out [at Welfare Square] and how the organizational aspect of it, the ...


Elder Oaks Shares How Much the Church Spends Per Year on Welfare, Humanitarian Aid

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

It's incredible to see how much the Church contributes to those in need around the world. No wonder PBS cal...


PBS Praises the Church's Welfare Program: It "Must Be One of the World's Best"

by LDS Living | Videos Mormon Life

PBS recently featured the Church's welfare program in a short video. The description of the video begins, "...


Church Gives $1.2 Million for Victims in Ukraine

by Newsroom | From the Church Mormon Life

The Church is teaming up with the United Nations to provide aid to victims and those particularly vulnerabl...


Ohio Governor Tours, Praises Church's Welfare Program: "I Wish All America Knew About This"

by Salt Lake Tribune | Mormon Life

"It's the power of faith that drives this entire population and it's the power of faith that has all that g...


LDS Peanut Butter Cannery Comes to the Rescue for Recent Flood Victims

by Mormon Observer | Fun Mormon Life

In the wake of widespread flooding and loss in the Houston area the local Mormon peanut butter cannery has ...


Success Stories from LDS Employment Services

by | Official Church Info

The employment missionaries also visit Church congregations to offer resources available through ERS. One v...


Church Food Storage Welfare Centers Now Offering Prepackaging

by | Official Church Info

Within the last couple of months, the Church has made some significant updates to their welfare centers. No...


Secular News Outlet Explores Bishop's Storehouse

by The Columbus Dispatch | What They're Saying About "Us"

Patti Agler still remembers how pruning grapevines made her fingers sting with cold in the California winte...


D&C Lesson 38: "In Mine Own Way"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Sunday School

INTRODUCTION:  Our prophets have always taught us to be self-reliant—and to assist those in need—to le...