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The Comparison We Should Be Making (and All Those We Should Ignore)

by Daedan Olander | Makes You Think

Basketball is one of my favorite things. I love playing, watching, and even talking about the sport that, t...


How the Savior Uses Comparisons to Make Us Better

by Emily Abel | Makes You Think

The first time I stood before a judge was in my elementary school’s science fair. I spent hours cutting out...


A Switch in the Way We Think That Can Help Us Get Rid of Harmful Comparisons and Perfection Anxiety

by Kiersten Lortz excerpted from "Possibilities: Partnering with God to Become Your Best Self" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

A woman’s art of comparison is unlike any other in this world and certainly far from that of the world to c...


I’m Not a Typical Latter-day Saint and Why That’s Okay

by Lindsey Miller | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When I think of a “typical” Latter-day Saint, I think of a pregnant mom pulling out of her driveway in her ...


Latter-day Saint Psychologist: When Comparing Yourself to Others Can Actually Be a Good Thing

by Dr. David T. Morgan, Contributor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I have a distinct memory of sitting in a junior high school math class, tearing a piece of paper from my bi...


"God Needs the Best Version of You": What Running a Marathon Taught Me About Comparison

by Zack Oates | Makes You Think Mormon Life

My wife and I recently ran a half marathon.  I use the word “run” quite  liberally.  The ide...


Elder Cook Shares One Dangerous Misconception About Perfection Mormons Need to Stop, Now

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Comparing ourselves to others is easy. It's easy to augment our own faults when we idealize the strengths o...


Elder Stevenson Tells LDS Women to Avoid “Debilitating Comparisons” on Social Media

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

“May each of you have the courage to blog, pin, like, share, post, friend, tweet, snap, and swipe up in a w...


The Most Dangerous & Common Thing We Do at the Start of a New Year (& How to Avoid It)

by Aggieland Mormons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Once a new year starts, one inevitable thing happens. People start obsessing about goals and resolutions. B...


5 Ways to Help You Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

by Mormon Channel | Makes You Think Mormon Life

"When it comes to hating, gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or wanting to cause harm, pleas...