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Gluten-free Food Storage

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | Cooking Techniques Preparedness suggests we store 25 pounds of grains per person, per month, most of which often comes ...


Cook, Pray, Love

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | People Cooking Techniques

Panko-encrusted baked zucchini fries. Creamy pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes. Stuffed pizza rolls. Thai p...


{Food Dish} A Love of Cooking (and where to find great recipes)

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Cooking Techniques The Food Dish

I guess I’ve always been a cook at heart, but I haven’t always been good. Back in high school, my idea of a...


Day 6: All About Christmas Food

by <i>LDS Living</i> staff | Cooking Techniques Holidays

There are some foods that are only served during the holidays, and if you’re like me, you dream all year of...


A Lion House Holiday

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | Recipes Cooking Techniques Holidays Tips

*Editor’s note: This is a condensed version of the original article. To read the full version, look for it ...


Cook It Forward

by <i>LDS Living</i> staff | Recipes Cooking Techniques Holidays

The Menu This menu will serve ten to twelve people and includes two appetizers, five side dishes, plus grav...

Video: Lion House Pie Crust Secrets

by LDS Living Staff | Cooking Techniques

Learn how to make Lion House pie crust dough, and learn some helpful tricks for better crust from Brenda Ho...


How to Clean Any Oven

by LDS Living staff | Cooking Techniques Around the House Tips

The holiday season is approaching and between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies, and holiday entertain...


Making Fondant

by LDS Living Staff | Recipes Cooking Techniques

Despite its versatility in cake making, fondant has gotten a bad wrap (no pun intended). But that's mainly ...

Tips for Cooking Foreign Dishes

by LDS Living Staff | Cooking Techniques

Let's face it; cooking exotic recipes typically bumps up our blood pressure a couple points. But take heart...