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Click here for the recipes that go with these reviews. Bana na Spl it Cake Kaela Worthen Gardner, Associate...

Exclusive Recipes from the Lion House's Cakes and Cupcakes

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{Single Saints} The Slow Cooker Breakup Method

by Vera Taylor

I am horrible at breaking up with people. (I mean really, really bad at it.) One thing I know about myself ...


Thoughts on the Next Big Birthday

by Segullah | Best of LDS Blogs

I am turning thirty this week. Really. Finally. And I haven’t dreaded it at all. I don’t fear wrinkles. I’m...

Study sheds light on how Mormon singles meet those they date

by Deseret News | Everything Else

A recent Utah Valley University study that I conducted shed some light on the Utah County LDS dating scene ...


{Single Saints} 5 Signs She's Not Serious about You

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Turnabout is fair play. After writing “5 Signs He’s Not Serious about You,” many readers requested that I d...


Dating Expert: Talking So Men Listen

by Alisa Snell | Marriage & Relationships

In my work as a licensed marriage and family therapist and dating coach, I see couples become cold, withdra...


{Single Saints} The List

by Ryan Kunz | Single Saints

We have a lot of examples of lists: for example, the dean’s list, Schindler’s list, bucket lists, emergency...

Did the Mormon Bachelorette Find Love?

by My Fox Phoenix | Opinions & Features


{Single Saints} 5 Signs He’s Not Serious about You

by Jessica Carter | Single Saints

Okay, ladies. We’ve all been there. You’re totally into a certain guy, and things seem to be going well, bu...