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A Shout Out to Single Mormon Men

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In my single adult life, I’ve listened to plenty of criticism for Single Mormon Men (SMM). I’ve heard that ...


{Single Saints} Free Dates Don't Make You Cheap - They Make You Cool (+ Poll)

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Some guys seem to have a complex about free or low-cost dates. They worry that if they don’t throw wads of ...


Young Women Lesson 35: Dating Decisions

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Discussion Questions     • In what ways will the righteous decisions you make now about dati...


{Single Saints} Communication: Don't Make It a Jigsaw Puzzle

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{Single Saints} Fantastic First Dates

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I recently reached a new all-time low for a bad first date experience. I won’t terrorize you with the detai...


{Single Saints} Faith in the Little Things

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Not long ago, I viewed the prospect of marriage like I viewed the prospect of gaining superpowers: It would...


{Single Saints} How My Life Is Like a Chick Flick

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My life the past, oh, 15 years has felt a little like one (really long) chick flick. Or more specifically, ...