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Russians ban religious Mickey Mouse painting

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

While some Western Christians may not balk at C.S. Lewis presenting Jesus as a lion, a central Russian cour...


{Poll} What's Your Favorite Disney Song?

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | Polls

I own several Disney soundtracks. And sometimes, it’s just as much fun to rock out to “I Just Can’t Wait to...


{A&E} Listen to This: Jenny Oaks Baker Goes Disney

by Kaela Worthen Gardner | Arts & Entertainment

I’m a traditional sort of person. When I hear a song and fall in love with it, I don’t like to hear people ...

"Colors of the Wind" by Jenny Oaks Baker

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment

Jenny Oaks Baker performs "Colors of the Wind" from her most recent CD, Wish Upon a Star . This version is ...