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16 Family Activities to Share Family History

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Take the opportunity to help your family gain an interest in family history by creating a regularly schedul...


What We Wish We Knew before Serving a Mission

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Need Food Storage Motivation? Time to Take Inventory

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Tip for Living: Prayers That Reach Heaven

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A question from a woman who was having trials prompted S. Michael Wilcox to think differently about the wor...


Family History Exploded in 2013: Highlights

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This has been an exceptional year for family history. The Church introduced a suite of new online services ...


Adolescent Addiction: When Pornography Strikes Early

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Justin was 11 when he first saw pornography. He'd been looking for remote-controlled cars and found a cool ...


A New Year's Message from Pres. George Albert Smith

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This season finds us with many blessings and many problems. Whatever our blessings are, they have all come ...


Personalized Pass-along Cards from Mormon.org

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Mormon.org lets you print pass-along cards that are personalized with your profile from Mormon.org. To crea...


'History of Joseph Fielding Smith' highlights little known facts of 10th president

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The "Dramatized History of Joseph Fielding Smith" is a delightful commentary on the life and teachings of t...

'Work of salvation'

by LDS Church News | What We Believe

“Hastening the work of salvation” — it’s more than a present-day push or a current Church catchphrase. Cert...