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4 Invitations to Help Latter-day Saints Endure to the End

by Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

During LDS Business College's first devotional of 2019, President Bruce Kusch  gave four "whole soul" ...


FHE: Lessons from Finding Nemo

by Carly M. Springer | Lesson Helps

Here are some gospel lessons we can learn from the movie  Finding Nemo— a classic the whole family can...


One Lie About Happiness Satan Wants Us to Believe

by Mormon Women Stand | Makes You Think Mormon Life

“Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.” (2 Nephi 2:25) “Life is to be enjoyed...


After Her Son Committed Suicide: The Unforgettable Lesson One LDS Mom Learned

by Katie Lambert | Mormon Life

Stories are a huge part of Kathryn Jenkins Gordon's life. As an author of more than 100 books and the manag...


October 2015 Home Teaching Message: "Finish with Your Torch Still Lit"

by LDS Living Staff | Lesson Helps

In ancient Greece, runners competed in a relay race called a lampadedromia. 1  In the race, runne...


President Monson: 6 Ways You Can Be a Finisher

by Mission Geek | Mormon Life

Twenty-six years ago, President Thomas S. Monson asked a question. “Shall I falter, or shall I finish? On t...


How 'Enduring to the End' Can Be As Exciting As Riding a Roller Coaster, Without Hurling

by Middle-Aged Mormon Man | Fun Mormon Life

MR says: It's true, sometimes life can be brutal. But are we really just hanging on wishing for the ri...