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Latter-day Saint psychologist: What the First Vision teaches about managing personal challenges

by Dr. David T. Morgan, Contributor | January 5, 2021 | Makes You Think

This article was originally published by  LDS Living in March 2020.  Many years ago, I recall hea...


State of New York recognizes 200th anniversary of the First Vision with official citation

by Newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | December 23, 2020 | From the Church

More than 200 deliveries of food to local pantries across the state of New York were made by The Church of ...


Why it is so significant that both the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove

by Robert L. Millet, excerpted from “I Saw a Pillar of Light” | October 19, 2020

President Joseph Fielding Smith taught an important principle when he explained that “all revelation ...


Guidance in Every Brushstroke: Miracles behind this Month’s Church Magazine Cover Art

by Emily Abel | Makes You Think

Church magazines are full of accounts of the Lord guiding hearts and hands around the world. This month, ho...


Q&A with Jorge Cocco, a Convert Who Caught Latter-day Saints' Attention with "Sacrocubism"

by LDS Living Staff | Fun

Self-taught Argentinian artist and Latter-day Saint convert Jorge Cocco Santángelo has caught the attention...


The Powerful Experience Elder Andersen Had with the First Vision at 16 Years Old

by Lindsey Williams | Makes You Think

Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles says he has testified hundreds of times of the ...


Watch: Missionary Who Starred on Broadway Portrays First Vision through Dance

by Danielle Christensen

Elder Tade Biesinger has loved to dance and entertain others ever since he was a little kid and remembers c...


9 Accounts Give Insights to What It Might Have Been Like for Joseph to First See Heavenly Light

by Kerry Muhlestein, adapted from "I Saw the Lord" | Makes You Think

Editor’s note: Most of us are familiar with the story of the First Vision. Some might even have the account...


New Church Video Creates Space for Members to Slow Down and "Hear Him"

by Morgan Jones | From the Church Videos

What is the sound of a silent night or an empty tomb? Is it something you hear with your ears or rather som...


Capturing the Vision: Joseph Smith's First Prayer Through the Eyes of Those Who Have Portrayed It

by Jannalee Sandau | Makes You Think

*This story originally appeared in the March/April 2020 issue of LDS Living . As we celebrate the 200th ann...