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Discussion Questions • How do your friends react when you live Church standards? How can you respond if the...


Dave Says: Mixing Friends and Business

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Vai's View: A home-teaching companion reunion rekindles a testimony

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Editor's note: This is the first in an occasional series that follows and explores Vai Sikahema's quest to ...

Female Friendship at Forty

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I’m a female who needs other females. Although I’m blessed to have a husband who’s done a bang up job filli...


What counts at age 86

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The older I get the more I realize that what really matters at any age is relationships. I like to think of...


Young Women Lesson 6: Finding Joy Now

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Discussion Questions • Many people seem to have a negative outlook on life. How can we avoid this attitude ...


Dave Says: Business and Friendship

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Dear Dave, I’m about to buy my first home. My plan is to buy a duplex and rent out the other side to help p...

Men's Brains vs. Women's Brains

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Licensed professional counselor Kevin Hinckley explored the difference between men's brains and women's bra...


Can I Really Forgive and Forget?

by Jonathan Swinton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Swinton Counseling | Marriage & Relationships

How do I forgive when it still hurts so much? How do I get back to how it was before he/she lost my trust? ...