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Long-haul Flight Survival Tips

by Jack Marshall | Travel Tips

Flying today with its delays, multiple stops and packed flights requires an act of discipline and a sense o...


Age Doesn't Matter Unless You're Cheese

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

This story was originally published in March 2011. Morris, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a ...

A Disposition to be Pleased

by FUN FOR LESS | Travel Tips

There is a story I always think of when I first cross the Jordan River into Israel.  It is a moment in...


A Box of Chocolates and a Getaway

by Jack S. Marshall - <a href="" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS TOURS</a> | Themed Travel

My wife, Lizzie, came home one day, giggling, and handed me a piece of paper, saying how much she loved the...


I Walked Today Where Nephi Walked in Central America

by John L. Lund - <a href="" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS</a> | International

Central America, Guatemala is situated north of the isthmus of Darian and once embraced several hundred mil...


The Inquirer after Truth and the Sacred Grove

by S. Michael Wilcox | Adventures in Travel

I was a mischievous boy disturbing Primary classes for conscientious teachers in Southern California when s...


The Bells of Bethlehem

by S. Michael Wilcox - FUN FOR LESS | Adventures in Travel

For many years, as Christmas approached, when I taught my classes, I would put a list of twenty five things...


Shapers of Nations and Humblers of Empires

by S. Michael Wilcox - <a href="" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS TOURS</a> | International Adventures in Travel

There is no trip one can experience in the world as spiritually refreshing as the Holy Land. There is somet...


The Three and a Half Mile Stretch

by Wayne E. Brickey - <a href="" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS</a> | Adventures in Travel

Suppose you are a bluebird in Upstate New York. (This is quite a distinction, for it makes you the beloved ...


Africa: A Land Where Wildlife Reigns Supreme

by Jack S. Marshall - <a href="" target="blank">FUN FOR LESS</a> | Adventures in Travel

Imagine endless plains teeming with herds of impalas, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, zebras and many more. Im...