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‘The most important thing taking place on earth today’: Why the gathering of Israel matters

by Elder Gerald N. Lund, excerpted from “The Second Coming of the Lord” | March 3, 2021

A worldwide devotional for youth took place just three months after President Nelson had been sustained and...


The problem with how we perceive time and how it relates to the Second Coming

by Elder Gerald N. Lund, excerpted from “The Second Coming of the Lord” | Makes You Think

Over and over the Lord has indicated that the time of the end is near and that the day of His coming will b...


Living in the last days: What President Nelson taught 10 years ago that applies to us perfectly today

by Elder Gerald N. Lund, adapted from “The Second Coming of the Lord” | Makes You Think

While serving as a General Authority Seventy, I had one of those unexpected teaching moments that life pres...


Are we experiencing signs of the Second Coming? Elder Gerald Lund weighs in with nearly 50 years of insights

by LDS Living Staff

So far in 2020, we’ve experienced a pandemic, earthquakes, wildfires and social unrest amongst other ...


How the Lord Reminded a Widow that the Veil Is Thin

by Elder Gerald N. Lund, excerpted from "Divine Signatures" | Makes You Think

Editor's note: We’ve all heard it said, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” But in his 2010 ...


7 Essentials for Gaining More From General Conference

by Shelly Scofield | Mormon Life

Preparing for general conference is always a good idea. Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf has said, "There are messa...


14 Uplifting, Engaging Talks Teens Will Love Listening To

by Ashley Lundell | Humor Fun Makes You Think Mormon Life

I Love My Friends! Hank Smith "A real friend stands between their friend and a horrible choice and says som...


Gerald N. Lund: What 4 Mission Miracles Taught Me About Trials of Our Faith

by Gerald N. Lund, "Divine Signatures" | Mormon Life

While touring the Switzerland Geneva Mission in December 2003, my wife and I had an interesting experience....


The Ultimate List of LDS Classics Every Mormon Should Read

by Christiana Pinborough | Mormon Life

It isn't an easy task to narrow down the list of books written by prophets, apostles, and historians about ...