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Tom Christofferson answers, ‘Do you think the Lord loves you as much as He does your brother?’

by Tom Christofferson, adapted from “A Better Heart: The Impact of Christ's Pure Love” | February 23, 2021

I was invited to lunch by a friend who wanted to introduce me to another friend, a man who had previously s...


New Church video calls for more self-compassion and less self-criticism

by Emily Abel | Fun

A new animated Church video released on Tuesday, August 4, explores the important and timely topic of pract...


God Works with Broken Things: What This Man Learned from Years of Failure

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think

Benjamin Taylor had a routine—and it wasn’t one he wanted to keep up. He had held six different jobs over t...


How a Final Memory of a Woman Near Death Can Transform Our Understanding of Christlike Love

by Elder John H. Groberg, excerpted from "Fire of Faith" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following is an excerpt from Elder John H. Groberg’s book  Fire of Faith,  which details his ...


Family Counselor: Why Misunderstanding How Blessings Work Can Make Us Feel Like We're Not Enough

by Christy Kane PhD, CMHC | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Often, when seated in my office with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I hear que...


"Are Legos in Heaven?" What One Boy's Question Can Teach Us About God's Love

by David Butler, excerpted from "Almighty" | Mormon Life

One night while I was putting one of my sons to bed, he looked up at me after he was all tucked in and aske...


What Elder Groberg Learned About God's Love and Light Watching Astronauts Re-Enter the Atmosphere

by John H. Groberg, excerpted from "Fire of Faith" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

As  The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith  opens in theaters nationwide this weekend, we want...


Church Video: Replacing Shame with Hope and Self-Worth When Overcoming Pornography

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a series of powerful videos about overcoming porno...


Youth Theme Insight: 4 Reminders of How Much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love You

by Michelle Wilson, Contributor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Jesus loves you. Three little words that you’ve probably heard a thousand times in your life. Maybe so much...


Latter-day Saint Therapist: Here's Why God Loves You and Why You Should Love Yourself

by Jonathan Decker, LMFT, Contributor | Makes You Think Mormon Life

For daily gospel-based relationship insights, join Jonathan’s  Facebook group . To submit a question f...