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How I Share the Gospel as a Google Maps Local Guide

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“This church was an amazing experience! Leadership was incredibly friendly and accommodating. The teachings...


Watch: Hilarious Video Shows Mormons Answering Real Questions People Ask Google About Mormons

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11 Incredible Mormon Moments Caught on Google Earth

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Thanks to for the story idea. In March 1842, President Joseph Smith wrote: "the truth o...


LDS "Jeopardy!" Star Ken Jennings Says In the Age of Google, There's Still Value in Obtaining Knowledge

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In a 2013 TED Talk at Seattle University , Ken Jennings says it was always sort of his destiny to end ...


Google's 3D Mapping Makes Exploring LDS Temples More Fun Than a Pop-up Book

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There's a feature on Google Maps that you may not have noticed before and it's a really fun way to explore ...


24 More Mormon Moments Caught on Google Earth

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Incredible Mormon Moments Caught on Google Earth: From Missionaries to Temples

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What a creative idea! Check out these candid Mormon moments caught on Google Street View. Here are some fun...


Pencils are down: Google Fiber and Provo city officially have a deal

by The Daily Universe | News from Utah

Provo residents can rest assured known that Google Fiber is indeed coming soon to increase Internet speeds ...