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The hCG Diet Debate

by Mary Olsen | Health Hot Topics

*Don't forget to take our Weight Loss Poll . Years ago it was Atkins. Then it was South Beach. Today, some ...

Weight Loss Poll

by LDS Living Staff | Health Polls

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Eating Smart When Eating Out

by Sarah M. McConkie | Finances Health Activities

After a hectic day, dining out can be just what everyone (especially Mom) needs. Yet the choices that resta...

Nutrition Facts for 40 Popular Restaurants

by LDS Living Staff | Health

Nutrition Facts Links Applebee’s Arctic Circle Arby’s Blimpie Burger King Carl’s Jr. Chik-Fil-A Chili’s Chi...


Cancer Screening Tips: How to know if you're at risk

by Dr. Thomas J. Boud, MD | Health

Welcome to a new year! Why not make this the year you finally pay closer attention to your body and prevent...


Are Your Hormones Driving You Crazy?

by Dr. Robert Jones | Health

Yes, your hormones may be driving you and everyone around you crazy. Those fickle little chemicals affect e...


Relieve Your Holiday Stress

by Angela Lankford | Health Self Improvement Holidays

Christmas is known as a time of peace...and shopping lists, extended family, and kids home from school. Eve...


Beating the Winter Blues + Poll

by Erin Nelson | Health Polls

The alarm clock goes off and a cheerful voice warns you to bundle up; 20 degrees will be the high. The sun ...


10 Natural Energy Boosters

by Jenni Gasparrini | Health

1. Jump out of bed in the morning. Instead of grudgingly throwing off the covers, get up fast. Yes, it take...

Sugar Sleuthing

by Jamie Cline | Health

Avoiding sugar may seem like a simple task. Eliminating chocolate, ice cream, candy, and other desserts wou...