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Powerful stories of military service from the First Presidency

by Danielle B. Wagner | November 11, 2020

This story was originally published by  LDS Living  in May 2018 and has been updated in honor of ...


As we strive to ‘hear Him,’ President Eyring says we can take courage from this verse in Helaman

by Lindsey Williams | August 28, 2020 | Makes You Think Lesson Helps

Editor's note: Our bi-weekly Friday column, “ Found in the footnotes ,” explores some of th...


24 rare photos of President Eyring that will make you love him even more

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

This story was originally published in May 2018 and has been updated to celebrate President Eyring's birthd...


3 Times President Eyring Heard a Heavenly Voice (+ the Powerful Messages)

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

From the time he was a little boy, President Henry B. Eyring's life has been guided by powerful moments of ...


President Eyring's Spiritual Experience + Other Highlights from the Oklahoma Temple Rededication

by Church News | Mormon Life

Read the dedicatory prayer for the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple here. Over 150 years ago, a newly baptized...


10 Useful Church Products for $1 (or Less)

by LDS Living Staff | Humor Fun

After Jesus fed the 5,000 with the loaves and fishes, He instructed His disciples, “Gather up the fragments...


15 Powerful Books and Talks by Our Prophet and Apostles

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Makes You Think Mormon Life

Get to know the current members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve with these books and talks...


President Eyring Shares When Heavenly Father Did Not Deliver the Savior from Trials +What That Teaches Us

by ChurchofJesusChrist.org | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following comes from the April 2019  Ensign. Trials can produce resentment or discouragement. The ...


First Presidency Announces Changes in Policies Impacting LGBTQ Members and Their Children

by Newsroom | From the Church

At this wonderful general conference time, it is our privilege to bring together senior leaders of the Chur...


Our Favorite Stories from the Prophet and Apostles in 2018

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Amidst their world travels and  big Church changes , it's impossible to summarize all the good the pro...