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Church Spokesperson Responds Following LGBT Rally and Protest Outside Church Office Building

by LDS Living Staff

Following a peaceful protest and rally outside the Church Office Building of The Church of Jesus Christ of ...


General Authority Letter Seeks to Clarify Removal of Homosexual Behavior from BYU Honor Code

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church

Two weeks ago, Brigham Young University and other CES Schools updated their Honor Code . In the days since ...


BYU Makes New Honor Code Changes to Improve "Transparency and Reduce Anxiety"

by BYU News | Mormon Life

BYU released the following announcement on August 21, 2019: The BYU Honor Code Office has changed the way i...


BYU Makes Changes to Honor Code Website to Include Student Resources, Recent Changes

by BYU News | Mormon Life

BYU’s Honor Code Office updated the website HonorCode.BYU.edu today with additional student resources and i...


BYU Announces 3 Changes to Honor Code Office Following Student Criticism

by KSL | Mormon Life

BYU has made three changes to its Honor Code following increased criticism from students.  Honor Code ...


BYU Changes Honor Code After Complaint of Religious Discrimination

by Danielle B. Wagner | Mormon Life

After FreeBYU filed a religious discrimination complaint against Brigham Young University with the American...


Non-Mormon, Former BYU Professor Writes "In Defense of BYU's Honor Code"

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

After a recent sexual assault case at Brigham Young University, there has been a lot of attention regarding...


BYU-Idaho Says No to the "Man-Bun"

by BYU-Idaho | Mormon Life

MR says: After learning the Honor Code Office has outlawed the "man bun" as an extreme hairstyle, men acros...

Opinion: BYU should be careful considering its recruits

by Deseret News | Saints & Sports

The honor code at BYU is a lot like starting a neighborhood restaurant: good idea, but tough to execute. On...