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How to help after Boston Marathon bombings, Texas fertilizer plant explosion crises

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The International Business Times reported that as of Monday morning, more than $12 million had already been...


3 Awesome Tips for Throwing an LDS Bachelor Party

by Chris McClellan

As the oldest of six now-married brothers, I had to adapt the traditional bachelor party idea to our Latter...


How to Stay Awake in Church

by Erin Hallstrom

Let me make something clear from the get-go: I don’t think church is boring. At least, not usually. Admitte...


7 Excuses Married Couples Make for Not Dating Anymore (and Tips to Fix It)

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Dating was something enjoyed before marriage. But dating shouldn't end with marriage or kids or a hectic sc...


15 Tips for How to Treat Your Pregnant Wife

by Michael J. Snapp

Several years ago, my wife was pregnant with our fifth child, and our oldest was eight. She was a full-time...


Auto Emergency Kits: Worth Their Weight in Gold

by Emergency Essentials | Preparedness

An "auto emergency kit" is a group of supplies placed in a car to help if a situation occurred where you ne...


3 Ways to teach Your Children the Importance of Giving

by Rachelle J. Christensen

The Case of the Christmas Advertisement An unsuspecting parent brings the mail inside the house and tosses ...


4 Ways You Can Make a Difference in The World Today

by Merrilee Boyack

One of my favorite national holidays is coming up October 27—national Make a Difference Day. Never heard of...


How to prepare YW for Relief Society

by | What We Believe

Photo from When your 18th birthday approaches, you may wonder what it will be like to attend Relie...


{LDS How-to} Play the Organ - for Pianists

by Kate Ensign-Lewis | How-to

If you're a pianist and a member of the LDS Church, chances are you (like me) have been asked to play the o...