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LDS Church responds to over 100 disasters in 2012

by | Official Church Info

Every year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides emergency assistance to people all ove...


Houston Chronicle: Who LDS Charities is and what they do

by Houston Chronicle | Opinions & Features

Many of my best childhood memories were with my Grandmother Hansen. Though she passed away a few years ago,...


Ever made a quilt at a Mormon activity? Here's where they go.

by | What We Believe

Many members of the Church have participated in quilt-making activities, knowing these blankets were meant ...


What Drives Mormon Humanitarian Work?

by Newsroom Blog | What We Believe

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ on a...


BYU students fight human trafficking

by The Daily Universe | News from Utah

California native Stephanie Larsen is the first woman in four generations of her family to be free from the...


How the World Evaluates Mormonism: Charity

by Meridian Magazine | Best of LDS Blogs

A wide array of studies of respected institutions, unconnected with the LDS Church, confirm the “fruits of ...


Rev. Ray Williams and delegation visit Mormon headquarters in Salt Lake City

by Post News Group | Everything Else

Pastor Ray Williams of Morning Star Baptist Church in Oakland and his wife Janet were recent guests at the ...


Couple from LDS Charities serves Syrian refugees in Jordan

by Deseret News | Everything Else

The "Arab Spring” has swept across the Middle East this year, bringing new freedoms to people in a number o...


Church continues to respond following Hurricane Sandy

by | Everything Else

In late October, Superstorm Sandy struck the coastlines of New York and New Jersey, becoming one of the lar...


2012 Time Out for Women and LDS Living service project feeds 23,000

by Erin Jones - LDS Living | Everything Else

Women who paired with Time Out for Women and LDS Living in 2012 made a significant difference to help the h...