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Since the first hymnbook was assembled by Emma Smith, Latter-day Saints have used hymns to “invite the Spir...


History of Christmas carols in the LDS hymnbook

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"There's something in our human DNA that needs to rejoice and raise our voices in song," said Craig Jessop,...

Hymns for priesthood congregations

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Singing together is inspirational — and aspirational

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I was visiting in the Westwood 2nd Ward in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, a Mormon village I have been visiti...


New LDS Music Mobile App

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LDS Music is a new mobile app for music of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It lets you bro...


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What are the top mainline Protestant hymns of the past two centuries? Why isn't "Amazing Grace" on that lis...


Christian churches, including the Latter-day Saints, share many hymns

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Four decades ago, when my wife Dianne and I were active Baptists, somehow we ended up with a Baptist hymnal...