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How Walter Rane’s masterpieces have dramatically changed Latter-day Saint art

by Danielle Christensen | July 14, 2021

Walter Rane selects a paintbrush from a tin can. The thin wooden tool fits in his hand so naturally it seem...


‘God is my friend’: What we can learn from how Joseph Smith dealt with adversity

by R. Eric Smith, excerpted from “Know Brother Joseph” | April 27, 2021

Joseph Smith was born to poor tenant farmers in Vermont. At age 38, he was shot by a mob, in a jail, in a s...


Joseph Smith's last dreams and other prophetic dreams from his life

by Mary Jane Woodger, Ken Alford, and Craig Manscill, excerpted from "Dreams as Revelation" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This excerpt originally ran on  LDS Living in December 2019 and is being shared again in honor of Jose...


This new historic marker honors 5 generations of the Smith family

by Lindsey Williams | From the Church

You may have never heard of Topsfield, Massachusetts, but the small town of 6,500 residents now has a histo...


From Moroni to Joseph Smith: Special episode of Book of Mormon Videos released

by Newsroom of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | From the Church

A special episode of the Book of Mormon Videos series has been published to celebrate the 200th anniversary...


Of the many truths we learn from the First Vision, this is one of my favorites

by Lindsey Williams | Makes You Think

Editor's note: Our bi-weekly Friday column, “ Found in the footnotes ,” explores some of th...


What happened to Joseph and Emma Smith's children?

by Jannalee Sandau | Makes You Think

This article originally ran on  LDS Living in  October 2015. Of the many hardships, Joseph Smith ...


Did You Know You Can Read Joseph and Emma's Patriarchal Blessings?

by Lindsey Williams | From the Church

In a new series on the Church History website, the consultation team at the Church History Library is shari...


How 2 Men with the Same Name Played Opposite Roles in Joseph Smith's August 1842 Arrest

by Jordan T. Watkins, Contributor

On August 8, 1842, Thomas King arrested Joseph Smith. Soon after—perhaps even the same day—Thomas King help...


New Church Video Explains the Significance of the Gold Plates and Why We Still Need Them Today

by Greyson Gurley | From the Church

For Latter-day Saints, the Gold Plates are immediately associated with the translation of the Book of Mormo...