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How did the Doctrine and Covenants come to be? A look at publishing Joseph Smith’s revelations

by The Joseph Smith Papers | February 11, 2021

This article is from  The Joseph Smith Papers and is shared with permission.  In July 1831, a Jos...


These historic resources can amplify your ‘Come, Follow Me’ study right in the Gospel Library app

by The Joseph Smith Papers | February 4, 2021

This article is from  The Joseph Smith Papers and is shared with permission.  The Joseph Smith Pa...


6 things I learned from the new Church podcast, ‘The Priesthood Restored’

by Lindsey Williams | January 28, 2021 | From the Church

When I got a notification in late November in my podcasts app, it really felt like Christmas came early. A ...


Doctrine and Covenants 76 as a poem and 4 other unique facts from the latest Joseph Smith Papers volume

by Jeffrey Mahas of The Joseph Smith Papers Project | October 12, 2020 | Makes You Think

Documents, Volume 11 of The Joseph Smith Papers covers a dynamic period in Joseph Smith’s life. At th...


Explore the Joseph Smith Papers with this free online conference

by The Church Historian's Press | From the Church

The Church Historian's Press announced that the 2020 Joseph Smith Papers Conference has moved to an online-...


How 2 Men with the Same Name Played Opposite Roles in Joseph Smith's August 1842 Arrest

by Jordan T. Watkins, Contributor

On August 8, 1842, Thomas King arrested Joseph Smith. Soon after—perhaps even the same day—Thomas King help...


Tithing Paid in Cows and How Pioneers Performed Plural Marriages: What's Inside the New Joseph Smith Papers Volume

by Lindsey Williams | From the Church

To say the summer of 1842 was a busy season in the life of Joseph Smith would likely be an understatement. ...


An Approachable Joseph: Little-Known Stories That Will Help You Relate to the Prophet

by Emily Abel | From the Church Makes You Think

God once told Joseph Smith that his name would be “had for good and evil” in the world. We often see the fu...


Joseph Smith's Last Letter to Emma +More Important Documents from the Last Month of His Life

by Angela Thompson of the Joseph Smith Papers staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

This month, the Joseph Smith Papers Project reached an important milestone on the web...


Napoleon Bonaparte's Role in the Book of Abraham Discovery + More Fascinating Facts

by Riley Lorimer | Makes You Think Mormon Life

You have certainly seen the facsimiles from the Book of Abraham in your copy of the Pearl of Great Price, b...