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Just Asking: Greg Olsen

by LDS Living Staff | People

What's the most difficult part about portraying the divine in art? I'm trying to portray something spiritua...


Q&A with Mormon Actor & Granite Flats Star Scott Christopher

by Jannalee Rosner | Famous Mormons Fun

Prolific LDS actor Scott Christopher is probably most recognized as the role of the investigator in the pop...


The Comeback of the Clean Romance Novel

by Jenny Spencer

I'm addicted to words. I admit it. I know it would take an extensive twelve-step program to get me off word...


Q&A with the Makers of "Austenland": Just Asking: Shannon Hale and Jerusha Hess

by Kaela Worthen Gardner

Austenland, a hilarious film about a modern woman obsessed with Jane Austen's novel  Pride & Preju...


Just Asking: Lisa Valentine Clark

by LDS Living Staff | People

Q: You’re most well known for your work with the web comedy series Pretty Darn Funny . Why did you choose t...


Just Asking: T.C. Christensen

by LDS Living Staff | People

What inspired you to become a filmmaker?  My high school aptitude test came back saying that what I wo...


Just Asking: J. Kirk Richards

by LDS Living Staff | People

1. Your color palette is fairly consistent. What makes you choose those colors and how do you feel they enh...


Just Asking: Interview with Bestselling Mormon Author Brandon Mull

by LDS Living Staff | People

1. Where and how do you get inspiration for your stories and characters? As a writer, I try to be a good ob...


Just Asking: Interview with YouTube Sensation 'The Piano Guys'

by LDS Living | People

(left to right) Al Van der Beek: music/studio guy; Steven Sharp Nelson: cellist; Jon Schmidt: pianist; Paul...


Just Asking: Interview with Musician Carmen Rasmusen Herbert

by LDS Living | People

1. What was the most challenging part of being on American Idol? How were you able to maintain your st...