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Just Asking: Interview with Olympic Gold Winner Peter Vidmar

by LDS Living | People

Going into the 1984 Olympics, no one predicted the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics Team would win gold. Describe that...


Just Asking: Interview with Artist Liz Lemon Swindle

by LDS Living | People

What was it like trying to raise a family while creating your art at the same time? It was difficult. Every...


Just Asking: Interview with Movie Star Jon Heder

by LDS Living | People

You’ve played characters with a wide variety of talents including dancing, ice skating, and street magic. W...


Just Asking: Interview with Elaine Dalton

by LDS Living | People

Q: In 2008 the Young Women General Presidency called for a “return to virtue” and added the value into the ...


Just Asking: Ken Jennings

by LDS Living

Q: When did your interest in trivia begin? A: Pretty much as far back as I can remember. I remember running...


Just Asking: Stephen Jones

by LDS Living | People

Q: You starred in one of the most viral internet videos for 2010 and you just graduated; what’s next? A: Or...


Just Asking: Ardeth Kapp

by LDS Living staff | People

One on one with the educator and former Young Women general president. Q - What has been the most rewarding...


Just Asking: Hilary Weeks

by LDS Living staff | People

A personal peek into the life of the mother of four girls, artist of eight albums, and author of two books....


Q&A--John Bytheway: From our Just Asking magazine section

by LDS Living staff | People

When did you think, “motivational speaking—that’s the gig for me”? I never liked that title, “motivational ...


Just Asking: Interview with Kirby Heyborne

by LDS Living staff | People

*Editor's note: This is the full interview with Kirby Heyborne, with extra questions not seen in the print ...